Micro Pub Crawl

Thanet The Micro Pub Centre Of England

Microbreweries Of The County Of Kent

Canterbrew Ltd CT4 7HF www.canterbury-ales.co.uk
Canterbury Brewers CT1 2RU www.thefoundrycanterbury.co.uk
Caveman Brewery DA10 0LQ www.cavemanbrewery.co.uk
Cullins Yard Brewery CT17 9BY www.cullinsyard.co.uk
Farriers Arms Brewery TN25 6NU www.thefarriersarms.com
Gadds Ramsgate Brewery CT10 2YD www.ramsgatebrewery.co.uk
Goody Ales Bleangate Brewery CT6 7NP www.goodyales.co.uk
Hopdaemon Brewery Company Limited ME9 0NA www.hopdaemon.com
Kent Brewery ME19 5JN www.kentbrewery.com
Larkins Of Chiddingstone TN8 7BB www.larkinsbrewery.co.uk
Mad Cat Brewery ME13 8XU www.madcatbrewery.co.uk
Moodley’s Microbrewery TN11 8AJ www.moodleys.co.uk
Musket Brewery ME17 4AG www.musketbrewery.co.uk
Nelson Brewery ME4 4TE www.nelsonbrewery.co.uk
P & DJ Goacher ME15 6TA www.goachers.com
Ripple Steam Brewery Limited CT15 5DH www.ripplesteambrewery.co.uk
Royal Tunbridge Wells Brewing Company Ltd TN2 3EF www.royaltunbridgewellsbrewing.co.uk
Spencers Brewery TN23 1EH www.spencersbrewery.co.uk
The Hop Fuzz Brewery CT21 4NB www.hopfuzz.co.uk
The Millis Brewing Company Ltd DA4 9LB www.millisbrewing.com
The Old Dairy Brewing Co Ltd TN17 4JD www.olddairybrewery.com
The Swan On The Green Microbrewery ME18 5JW www.swan-on-the-green.co.uk
Tonbridge Brewery TN11 0NW www.tonbridgebrewery.co.uk
Wantsum Brewery Ltd CT3 4AL www.wantsumbrewery.co.uk
Westerham Brewery Company Ltd TN8 6SA www.westerhambrewery.co.uk
Whitstable Brewery CT5 2BP www.whitstablebrewery.info

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